* S10 Sonoma Truck Stripes

* S10 Sonoma Truck Stripes
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S10 SONOMA TRUCK STRIPE KIT AVAILABLE IN BLACK, WHITE, SILVER, RED, AND DARK BLUE. ($79.99 plus shipping) Available with or without a separate roll of pinstripes. Covers hood, roof and rear deck !!

This kit includes:

--Two hood stripes that run from the front of the hood to the windshield. They are precut and get wider as they go back.

--Two Rear stripes that are 10 feet long each and 12 inches wide. They match up to the width of the back of the front stripes and are made to cover the roof and back deck. You cut these to fit.

These stripes are cut from our amazing Wet Application Vinyl and are easy to install using soapy water and a squeegee.

I CARRY THESE IN WHITE,BLACK,SILVER,RED & DARK BLUE. Click below to see our colors.

Easy instructions & a free squeegee are provided with the kit.

1. To install the stripes simply mix a spray bottle of 16-20 ounces water and 4 drops of dishwashing liquid together and spray both the car and the back of the vinyl stripe. (after peeling away the wax paper)

2. Then slide the stripe into position and squeegee out any air bubbles with the free squeegee supplied with the kit.

3. Once dry you trim any excess with an exacto knife or razor blade.

Installation is so simple a 12 year old could easily put these on.

NOTE: As long as the stripe is wet you can work with it. When the soapy water solution evaporates the stripe is permanent until you want to remove it.



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